• Organizer: Extrem Motors
  • Under the aegis and supervision of Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and Romanian Motorcycling Federation (FRM)
  • Competition name: Hard Enduro Arsenal
  • Date: 12-14th of April 2019
  • Location: Costesti, Hunedoara County, Cotiso Guest House, Romania
  • Base camp and Secretary Office of the competition: Costesti, Hunedoara County, Cotiso Guest House, GPS coordinates:
    • Lat 45°41’16.51″N; Long  23°9’36.65″E
  • Website: www.enduro-arsenalpark.ro
  • Online Registration Form: http://enduro-arsenalpark.ro/inscrieri/
  • Competition Manager: Adrian Cocrean, +40 762 697 384
  • Enduro Arsenal Park is the first stage of The Romanian International Hard Enduro Championship 2019.
  • Enduro Arsenal Park is an OPEN race that can be attended by any riders, regardless of their nationality.

The Secretary Office of the competition is the central hub for all events that are related to the conduct and organization of this competition, such as: competitors registration, technical sessions, briefings, standings display, filling of appeals, award ceremony, questions etc.

An information panel will be in place in the area of the Secretary Office of the competition, where, during the event, information and news about the competition, daily standings, the schedule and eventual modifications of the latter will be displayed.

The Organizer will display all the necessary information in due time.

The Organizer may refuse to allow entry into the competition or eliminate during the competition any competitor who:

  • does not follow the present rules and regulations;
  • has an aggressive or unsporting behaviour;
  • disrupts the running of the competition;
  • creates an unpleasant or tensed atmosphere;
  • does not respect the touristic resort of Enduro Arsenal, its inhabitants / locals and the environment in general.

The registration fee and all other fees will not be refunded in case of failure to appear at the competition or in case of any kind of drop-out or abandonment or elimination from the competition.

All competitors and all the people involved in any way in the organization of the 2019 Hard Enduro Arsenal are obliged to know and follow the contents of the present rules and regulations.
Not knowing the present rules and regulations does not excuse anybody from responsibility and consequences.


Friday, April 12th 2019 – Day1 ~15km Prologue

  • 09:00 – 14:00 competitors registration at the base camp location
  • 15:00 – competitors briefing and technical session at the base camp location
  • 15:45 – presence of the competitors in the prologue start area
  • 16:00 – prologue start
  • 20:00 – prologue standings display
  • 21:00 – 22:00 competitors registration at the base camp location

Saturday, April 13th 2019 – Day2 ~80 km Hard enduro

  • 08:30 – competitors briefing and technical session at the base camp location
  • 09:00 – organized departure from the base camp to the day 2 start area
  • 09:30 – day 2 start
  • 22:00 – day 2 standings display

Sunday, April 14th 2019 – Day3 ~45 km Hard enduro

  • 08:30 – competitors briefing and technical session at the base camp
  • 09:00 – organized departure from the base camp to the day 3 start area
  • 09:30 – day 3 start
  • 17:30 – first 5 places in each classes standings display
  • 18:00 – award ceremony
  • 22:00 – day 3 and final standings display

If necessary, the Organizer reserves the right to modify the competition timetable.


If paid until 28th of February 2019 23:59 hours local time, the individual registration fee is 150 EUR.
If paid after 28th of February 2019 00:00 hours local time, the individual registration fee is 180 EUR.
Starting from 12th of April 2019 00:00 hours local time, online registrations will be closed and it will be possible to register and pay the 180 EUR individual registration fee only in cash and on-site at the Secretary Office of the competition.

Trying to fit into a different registration category than you normally do will result in you not receiving your race number until you have paid the registration fee difference plus a penalty fee of 30 EUR.

The document attesting the payment will include the name(s) of the competitor(s) for whom the payment is made.

Payment date is considered the date of the document certifying the payment of the registration fee.

Payment can be made online or by bank transfer.

For bank transfers the following data will be used:

  • Account IBAN:
  • RON: RO98BRDE220SV63070672200
  • EUR: RO90BRDE220SV92724702200
  • Bank: BRD
  • Registration Number: 30990635
  • Address: Judet Hunedoara, Sat Beriu, Comuna Beriu, Nr 61


Please take extra care when filling in all of the required payment data, any mistakes here will result into the transfer being returned to the original sender and the payment getting an unverified status.
After the payment is verified you will receive your race number and you will also be listed on the Official Startlist of the competition.

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